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Teen Yoga – Free Classes in Bath

Classes details:

Tuesdays 4.45-5.45pm from 21 Feb – 27 March at Yoga Bodhi, Studio 1, 8a Bartlett Street, Bath BA1 2QZ. To book call 01225 464848

Thursdays 4.30-5.30pm from 23 Feb – 29 March at Phase One, Upper Bristol Road, Bath BA1 3AJ. To book call 01225 461463

These classes are suitable for both beginners and those with prior experience, as Liz ensures that there are options to embrace different abilities. The sessions start with turing into your own breath rhythm, followed by physical practice and a final chill-out relaxation at the end. Both boys and girls come to these classes. If you've never tried yoga before, you might not know what clothes to wear – the recommendation is: loose flexible clothing in layers, with socks that can be removed. 

Liz says that the teens and young people she teaches find these classes extremely helpful in dealing with stress. They learn strategies to deal with life, how to relax, how to breath properly – and how to tone and stretch the body for better health and avoidance of injury. The most common feedback from teens is that they enjoy the slowing down (away from all screen distractions) and tuning into oneself aspect, and they all love the chill-out part at the end!

Although these classes finish in March, Liz is able to access more Sportivate funding for further free teen yoga classes if any clubs are interested and know they could find young people wanting to participate and attend regularly.

For further information about the current classes – or if your club wants to offer these sessions – you can call Liz Coleman on 01225 311976 or email her at