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Sirona’s campaign to make Bath “a beacon of fitness”

You may have seen details of Sirona's new campaign in The Bath Chronicle. The campaign’s stated goals for the first three months of this year are:

  1. - to recruit 750 people to give up smoking
  2. - to get 500 people to pledge to lose weight
  3. - to persuade 3 businesses to sign up to the Workplace Wellbeing Charter

Local sports people, including Amy Williams, have been offering their support to this health drive and are encouraging people to exercise more and take part in sport. 

Sirona will be offering help and support to anyone who wishes to take up the challenge with their Health Improvement Service. For more information about the campaign or to sign up, call 01225 831852.


Feelgood Bath's editor comments:

Bath certainly has the historic background (due to the healing waters) and potential to become one of the UK’s healthiest city. It already has above average levels of health (for England) and a very large number of people supporting health/fitness/wellbeing locally: not just in the public sector and charities, but also therapists, practitioners, trainers, class teachers, support groups, community groups and other experts offering a huge variety of resources. With so much in Bath's favour already, it should be possible to make this city a national benchmark for healthy living initiatives and activities. 

The name of the campaign (Get a Life) could be interpreted in different ways by people – either as an inspirational message or as a 'ticking off' type message which they could rebel against. The psychology of why people find it so hard to change bad habits or to take on new, healthier behaviours is also a key factor – one that needs addressing to achieve this type of region-wide change. People interested in healthy living are usually already adopting good habits; one of the difficulties in health campaigns is often how to communicate with and support those with little interest or no motivation in making changes. Sirona has not taken on an easy challenge but it will be great if they could meet their targets.