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Looking for more serenity?

There's a new dedicated space for meditation and mind-body therapies in Bath at The Soul Spa, located in Hetling Court (near the Cross Baths).

Madeline Blackburn, founder of The Soul Spa, explains: "The Mind Spa is a place of serenity where you can learn and practice all things concerned with the mind and mind-body connection. Our aim is to offer an oasis of calm wherein you can discover your inner world of peace and healing.Some courses are based on the newest neuroscientific research and others on ancient spiritual teachings and wisdom. We offer something for everyone, from the very start of life, through childhood and adolescence, to parenthood, career, sporting and life achievements, pain and weight management to the serenity of old age and exploration of the non-physical world beyond death.

We have an open and adventurous attitude to treatments, combining practices such as acupuncture with guided meditation, or reflexology with sound healing. Whether you have specific issues or are in a particular time of life when you need a bit of extra help, or you are looking to deepen your current practices and learn new ones, we believe we can help.

Many of our regular classes have beginner courses where you can learn about the background and benefits of various practices so that you can ‘try before you buy’.  If you want to carry on in a warm and supportive environment, you can become a member or pay as you go.

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