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Exercise – the ‘miracle cure’

"Exercise is a miracle cure too often overlooked by doctors and the people they are for." - quote from report by Academy of Medical Royal Colleges.

"It is important to reinforce the notion that exercise is critical in the prevention of disease, but also to raise the profile of exercise in the management of established disease." – quote from Exercise for Life report from the Royal College of Physicians

Exercise has so many benefits – it's one of the top lifestyle choices we can make for better health. It can help us reduce our risk for a wide-range of health issues, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, depression and some cancers. Regular physical activity promotes better sleep, helps with weight control and improves our mental health.

Exercise strengthens our bones and muscles, It supports our immune function, improves our circulation and boosts our energy levels. It can change our brain; impacting on mood, memory and learning. It may help keep Alzheimer's at bay. And there's very strong evidence that regular exercise can increase our chances of living longer. A 'miracle cure' indeed.

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