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Bath Literature Festival 2013

Feelgood Bath picks a selection of events from this year's Bath Literature Festival Programme covering sport writing, anatomy, philosophy, running, bad pharma, biology, optimism and an event that could leave you with "a lighter heart" ...

  • Sat 02 March / Sports Writing – Rodge Glass & Owen Sheers discuss how to put a passion for sport on the page.
  • Sat 02 March / Our Brain: Memory and Optimism – Charles Fernyhough & Elaine Fox look at genetics, neurology and psychology to discuss issues such as whether we can retrain our brains to have a happier outlook.
  • Sat 02 March / The Wisdom of Psychopaths – psychologist Kevin Dutton reveals the ‘scale of madness’ along which we all sit and what psychopaths can teach us.
  • Sun 03 March / Can Onions Cure Ear-ache? – Melanie King talks about Scottish physician William Buchan and his 1769 self-help manual ‘Domestic Medicine.’
  • Mon 04 March / Anatomies – Hugh Aldersley-Williams will be talking about his new book ‘Anatomies: The Human Body, Its Parts and The Stories They Tell’ in a tour through the art, science and literature of the human body.
  • Tues 05 March / Wish You Were Here… – a chance to choose a postcard and write a message or confess a secret, then post it and “walk away with a lighter heart”. A free event with Writing Events Bath.
  • Wed 06 March / Running with the Pack – philosopher and runner Mark Rowlands discusses his book “Running with the Pack: Thoughts from the Road on Meaning and Mortality”.
  • Wed 06 March / Not a Games Person? Sports Writing for All  (Writing Lab event for 13+ age group) – David Goldblatt leads this session which gives participants the chance to develop their passions and experiences into prose and poetry.
  • Wed 06 March / Bad Pharma – author, doctor and Guardian columnist Ben Goldacre discusses his book ‘Bad Pharma’ about some of the misleading scientific claims made by the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Fri 08 March / Extremes – doctor Kevin Fong explores the human body’s response when tested by extremes, including fire, ice, age and disease.
  • Sun 10 March / An Optimist’s View of The Future – Mark Stevenson takes a voyage of discovery into technologies including genome profiling and “glimpses the next stage of human evolution.”

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