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Bath Literature Festival 2012

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  • 03 March / Katharine Quarmby: Scapegoat – Author Katharine Quarmby talks about "the way we think about disability - and how we treat disabled people"
  • 04 March / Raymond Tallis on the Brain – A critique on "the belief that human beings can be understood essentially in biological terms..."
  • 05 March / Is the NHS sacred? – Colin Lyes and Prof. Allyson Pollock join David Aaronovitch to discuss "the most difficult decisions facing the NHS today"
  • 06 March / Susan Greenfield on Identity – The author of You and Me: The neuroscience of identity talks about identity
  • 06 March / Why are we so neurotic about food? – Zoe Harcombe, Dr Emma Rich and Candida Crewe discuss "why we can't eat sensibly and properly"
  • 09 March / The Ego Trick: Julian Baggini – "Are you still the same person who lived 15,10 or 5 years ago?" and other fundamental questions 
  • 10 March / Sports Writing: Alternative Commentary (family event: 12-18) – James Wylie shows how to write and commentate on sports
  • 10 March / David Stuttard on The Olympics – A talk about the Greeks and the ancient Olympic Games
  • 10 March / How the Olympics Came to Be (family event: 5-10) – Storyteller and author Helen East on the excitement of the ancient Olympic Games
  • 10 March / Middle Age – Author Marcus Berkmann and science writer David Bainbridge talks about "embracing those middle years"