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Are you looking after your mind?

Mental health problems are very common, affecting about one in four people at some point in their lives. One of the ways we can help remove the stigma around mental health is by talking more opening about it, in the same way that we talk about physical health. Stress and traumatic events can impact on our mental health. It's important to be able to talk about our feelings and talking to people can really help. Our emotional wellbeing can also suffer if we are holding unhelpful beliefs, have a lot of negative self-talk, find yourself overthinking or worrying etc; a counsellor or CBT therapist could also help with this type of problem. The local and national mental health groups have lots of useful information on their sites. If you are struggling, do see your GP who can help you find the right type of help. 

There are many ways we can support our emotional wellbeing and mental health, including keeping active, eating well, getting enough sleep, drinking sensibly and keeping connected with family and friends. Other ideas include walking in nature, volunteering or doing something nice for someone else, and learning new things. 

There are more ideas about local support groups and organisations in our resources section, under 'mental health support'.

Article image: Feelgood Bath participated in this year's B&NES World Mental Health Day event in Milsom Street on 8 October by hosting a Mindapples tree ( – inviting people to share their '5-a-day' actions for positive mental health.