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Listings for this Feelgood Bath site apply to the B&NES area, ie BA1, BA2 & BA3. Practitioners should work in the B&NES area to be listed. We reserve the right to edit entries, or to turn down entries that are not appropriate for our site. Each listing will be displayed for one calendar year from the day it goes live. All standard listings appear alphabetically within the selected option, after any premier listings.

To get a Premium Listing: 2 quick and easy steps

Step 1: Fill in listings details below and press 'submit'. Please supply the contact details you would like to appear in your listing. Please note that we require your email address for administrative purposes but this does not need to appear on the site (see below).

Step 2: Your details will be processed and a Bacs or Paypal invoice will be emailed to you. Once your payment has been received, you will be emailed to let you know when your listing goes live.

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Notes on payment

A BACs invoice is payable by bank transfer. If you wish to pay online by debit or credit card, please choose a PayPal invoice as you will be able to click a link in the email to do so. You do not need a PaylPal account to pay via PayPal. However, you can also pay via a PayPal account, if you have one.

Charities and non-profits will NOT be charged for a standard listing.

One category only

Please note that the Standard and Premier listings price apply to one main category listing only. If you wish to be listed in several categories, you can either pay for additional full standard listing entries — or, alternatively, have additional free basic listings.

If you have any queries (eg cannot find a suitable directory category for your listing), please send an email first using the Contact us form.