About Feelgood Bath

Welcome to the Feelgood Bath website, created as a ‘one-stop-shop' to provide information to the local community and visitors about the wide range of practitioners, services, expertise, resources and events in the Bath area. It’s no coincidence that Bath, made famous due to its healing waters, attracts so many people offering or looking for wellbeing resources and therapies.

Although many health, fitness and wellbeing resources have long been available in the Bath area, it can be very time-consuming to search around. This site aims to make it much easier and quicker to find what you are looking for: for example, you'll be able to seach for a specific weekly class by day and time – and all the class leaders will be listed in the directory, so you can find out more about them there.

As well as listings of classes, practioners, services and resources, we plan to ask local experts for their advice and top tips for better health, fitness and wellbeing. We also want to keep you informed of any national and international health news that could be helpful. We hope everyone will find something of value and interest on this site.

At Feelgood Bath, we support a holistic philosophy of wellbeing; which includes the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects. This site will bring together the many varied resources and opportunities available to individuals on their own paths to healthier lifestyles and increased wellbeing. However, the site’s content does not replace professional diagnosis or treatment – always contact your doctor or NHS Direct if you have a health concern.

The FeelGood Bath FaceBook site provides a forum for general discussion – so do join in and share your own best health, fitness and wellbeing tips. Follow us on Twitter for shared local information.

Sophie Williams portrait

Sophie Williams,
Site Founder & Editor

“Having moved to Bath over 15 years ago, I feel lucky to be able to live and work in this beautiful city. My background is in communications and I am the co-founder of a successful Bath-based brand and design firm. I also started the Bath Coaching Café which offers free quarterly workshops.

Building on my long-standing interest in health and wellbeing, my aim in launching this FeelGood Bath site is to provide a community resource that is helpful to local people.”

Medical queries

If you are unwell or have a minor injury, you can call the 111 non-emergency number for advice on the most suitable treatment. Bath’s walk-in centre has been replaced by a new urgent care centre which offers 24/7 minor injuries treatment – it is situated adjacent to the A&E department at the RUH.

If you believe an illness or injury to be life-threatening, call 999.