Listings for Hypnotherapy

  • The Decision Clinic Hypnotherapy & Coaching

    The Barn Wellbeing Centre, Wellow Lane, Peasedown St John, Bath BA2 8JQ
    Tel: 07590 540074

    Whether you are looking to make some changes, or desire to be even better at what you are doing, Solution Focused therapy can work for you. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is based on the latest neuropsychological research, for quicker results. We work with you to identify what the next steps are in order for you to succeed in achieving your desired goal, quickly and more easily.

    Maybe you want to increase self resilience, motivation, or performance. Alternatively reduce anxiety/ stress, fears or develop new skills, The Decision Clinic has the experience to help you achieve your goals. Additional areas of interest include public speaking, Selective Eating Disorder (SED) and working with children.

    Therapy & consultation rooms in Peasedown St John and Oldland Common & surrounding areas.  Skype sessions also available. 


Hypnotherapy involves the practitioner guiding the client into a hypnotic state during which the client is helped to access the deeper levels of awareness. Many presenting problems have an underlying mental/emotional cause which can be addressed for positive change. Hypnosis is a natural state of heightened awareness – in this state, beneficial changes are more easily achieved. It is useful for habit control (eg to stop smoking) and beneficial for other issues too.