Listings for Acupuncture

  • Richard Royds

    Bath Natural Medical Centre / Bath Acupuncture Clinic, 7 Laura Place, Bath BA2 4BJ
    Tel: 01225 723856 / 07975 860966

    In traditional acupuncture we treat the person rather than the symptoms. I, therefore, like to spend up to two hours in the first consultation session gathering a full case history, which includes your medical history, your symptoms, your diet, sleeping patterns, emotional state and so on. This is followed by a non-intrusive physical examination. This enables me, through use of the senses and information gathered in the consultation, to determine the cause of the imbalance and create a schedule of treatment adapted to your individual needs.

    Length of treatment depends on your individual condition. I normally recommend five or six sessions on a weekly basis. At that point, most patients would have experienced sufficient change in themselves and we have a review to assess the progress. I also share my insights as to the cause of the energy imbalance, and it then up to you to decide whether you wish to continue. However, it is often beneficial to then space out visits if the balance is holding between treatments, so many go onto to a two week gap, and then moving on to once a month. This allows us to work deeper as your energy strengthens and stabilises between sessions.

    As we get better, so we begin to take a clearer view of what our life is about. My role is to help you accept the need for any change required and to support you while you are doing this. By correcting a person's energy to its natural balance, a person can develop and flourish into their full potential as a human being and better handle life's ups and downs as a result.



Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing art. The therapist uses very fine sterilised disposable needles that are inserted in the body at specific meridian points to clear energy blocks. As well as being helpful for treating various conditions, it can also be used preventatively to keep energy balanced and maintain good health.