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  • Insideout NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy

    Bath Healthcare Clinic, Bear Flat, Bath BA2 2AA
    Tel: 07867 815488

    NLP is a combination of powerful techniques taken from the leaders of the fields of counselling, hypnotherapy and linguistics. After your free assessment, you will be offered a convenient session in which we work together on your issue. Sessions are tailored for you, you may be offered hypnotherapy, anchoring to increase your confidence, motivation to succeed in your career, help with anxiety through relaxation and many other techniques as appropriate.

    If you are ready to improve your life, we are ready to guide you. We practise world class customer services, pride ourselves on our success and genuinely value your custom. 


Hypnotherapy involves the practitioner guiding the client into a hypnotic state during which the client is helped to access the deeper levels of awareness. Many presenting problems have an underlying mental/emotional cause which can be addressed for positive change. Hypnosis is a natural state of heightened awareness – in this state, beneficial changes are more easily achieved. It is useful for habit control (eg to stop smoking) and beneficial for other issues too.